I understand the term Lithromantic and what it means - I'm pretty certain it is accurate in terms of my own romantic nature - however I am curious, and I thought you may know why the prefix lith- which means stone would describe this particular idea. I don't see how a lack of desire for reciprocation could give anyone the life of a stone and personally don't think this is an Idea we should be spreading. I hope you may have some insight into this matter.

I definitely can answer you, and wow, thank you for bringing me this question!!

I, and a friend, the co-mod of this blog, are the original coiners of the term lithromantic. A few years ago we were trying to describe this thing, and there was no community, no one else to turn to. So we thought coining a term for it might help encourage people to gather (as this had proven to be the case in other GSM areas).

We looked at other terms for romantic and sexual orientations, and we noticed that most of them relied of latin or greek roots. So we went looking for a root which meant something at all like “experiences without desire to reciprocate”.

We didn’t find anything. I mean, anything close, not anything we could figure out how to twist around and make it mean what we wanted.

But, we’re both AFAB queers, one of us Stone, so we were familiar with Stone Butch sexuality.

For those of you who don’t know, Butch/Femme is sortof the Old Guard of lesbian sexuality (not to say butch/femme isn’t still a thing, but a particular type of butche/femme was historically the norm for lesbians), and Stone is a particular type of sexual expression. Someone who is Stone likes to provide sexual stimulation to a partner, but does not like to receive sexual stimulation themself.

This was the closest allegory that we could find, and we chose to call this in our naming of this romantic orientation.